“Sustainability is part of the Salamander DNA. We build things to last a lifetime. And we strive to tread lightly on our environment, from the furniture materials we select, to the manufacturing processes we employ, to the fact that our factory runs completely on solar generated power.”

        — Sal Carrabba, President & Founder

At Salamander, we build our products for life—not a landfill. That is our philosophy. And we put this philosophy into practice every day by carefully selecting the finest, sustainable materials available. Our unwavering commitment to designing and building eco-friendly products that will perform and endure the test of time, while reducing our impact on the planet, is part of the Salamander process. And since most Salamander products come with a lifetime warranty, you will enjoy your furniture for many years to come.


The three "R's"; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We have all heard about the three “R’s” and “going green.” Yet when it comes down to it, what does that mean to you and the environment when you purchase a Salamander product? Let us show you!

When it comes to our furniture materials, we are steadfast in minimizing the consumption of the earth’s natural resources and preventing deforestation. That is why most of our furniture products are made from sustainable woods harvested from managed forestry programs. Salamander also ensures that all composite materials we use comply with rigorous certification standards.  We are also committed to local sourcing where possible, while seeking the best manufacturer for any component. Salamander prefers to buy from USA suppliers for many reasons, including environmental reasons.

We implemented a plan that has taken us of the grid completely with new Solar (photovoltaic) power generating options. We are still connected to the Grid as we buy power from the utility at night and on cloudy days.  On sunny days and when our usage is low, we send power back to the grid. Over a year, the net is zero.  In a year, we produce enough energy from our panels that we consume.

We worked with our suppliers to design transport packaging which allows us to return for reuse instead of throwing more in the landfill.

When reuse isn't an option, we have programs for recycling by products of our manufacturing including Wood, Steel, Aluminum and Corrugated packaging and office paper.

Wherever possible, Salamander prefers the use of paper-based packaging materials instead of petroleum-based solutions.