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“Custom Configurators” allow you to quickly and easily build your own unique pieces of furniture and home entertainment seating. These tools allow you to select the style, the configuration, and the functional features that match exactly with their desired use.

Contemporary, Sleek and Compact

Matteo provides the comfort of a large, embracing chair on a relatively small footprint. This is a great benefit in applications where a large number of seats must fit into a limited space.


  • Contemporary Styling
  • High seat back with Adjustable headrest
  • Small footprint with premium comfort allows more seats in your media room
  • Straight and Curved Rows are possible
  • Tailored, Double needle stitch with optional contrast stitching
  • Fully-adjustable Motorized recliner
  • Custom-made in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Power switch includes a USB port to power up your devices, extending the range of your entertainment experience.

Premium Construction for trouble free use and maximum durability.

Multi-layer cushions with Memory foam provide proper support and comfort.

Top-grain leathers for luxurious look and feel.

Commercial grade recline mechanisms are custom made in USA.

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Customer-Owned Material

At Salamander, we are all about giving you a choice, which includes letting you supply your own upholstery material for your hand made Seating.

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3D CAD & SketchUp Files

Do you need Hi-Res images or 3D Models/CAD or SketchUp Drawings? If so, please contact us and direct an inquiry to our Art Department.

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Made in the USA

Throughout our history, Salamander has been committed to building as many of our products as possible in the USA.

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Width: 33" 
Fully Reclined: 65" 
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 54"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 60"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 66.3"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 75"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 87"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 94.7"
Fully Reclined: 82.7"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 96"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 114"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 115.9"
Fully Reclined: 110.9"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 108"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 114.8"
Fully Reclined: 88.8"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 129"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 120.6"
Fully Reclined: 90.5"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 107.4"
Fully Reclined: 67.9"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 102"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 81"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 141"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 146.4"
Fully Reclined: 98.3"
Not Reclined: 27"


Width: 150"
Fully Reclined: 65"
Not Reclined: 27"

Select from a broad palette of fine leathers in a rainbow of appealing colors, recline mechanism, cup holder and stitching details. With our Customer Owned Material (COM) program, everyone can supply their own upholstery material to perfectly match other elements in their room.

Recline Mechanism: Motorized, fully-adjustable or Manual, 3-position
Cover Types: Premium Leather, High-Grade Leather, Serene Fabric or Microsuede Fabric
Custom Stitch Detail: Matching or Contrast Stitching
Customer Owned Material: Yes
Cup Holder: Black or Silver anodized Aluminum or None


CONTRASTING STITCHING accentuates the fine detail on your custom handmade seating. Matteo, Olivia, and Luca Seating come standard with a matching double needle stitch—allowing the stitch detail to be hidden but can be upgraded to an ivory or gray (dependent on color selected) contrasting stitch.

Earth Leather, Canyon

Earth Leather, Charcoal

Earth Leather, Chocolate

Earth Leather, Desert

Earth Leather, Eclipse

Earth Leather, Limestone

Earth Leather, Redrock

Earth Leather, Ruby

Lustra Leather, Black

Lustra Leather, Cinnamon

Lustra Leather, Harness Brown

Lustra Leather, Hershey

Lustra Leather, Midnight

Lustra Leather, Olive

Lustra Leather, Whiskey

Luxe Leather, Adirondack

Luxe Leather, Alabaster

Luxe Leather, Mariner

Luxe Leather, Merlot

Luxe Leather, Onyx

Luxe Leather, Oyster

Luxe Leather, Pewter

Microsuede Fabric, Brandy

Microsuede Fabric, Espresso

Microsuede Fabric, Moss

Microsuede Fabric, Putty

Microsuede Fabric, Sage

Microsuede Fabric, Stone

Royal Leather, Cashmere

Royal Leather, Castlegate

Royal Leather, Cognac

Royal Leather, Irongate

Royal Leather, Safari

Serene Fabric, Anchor

Serene Fabric, Cabernet

Serene Fabric, Fog

Serene Fabric, Pistachio

Serene Fabric, Sand

Serene Fabric, Stout

Serene Fabric, Terrain

Vintage Leather, Acorn

Vintage Leather, Bark

Vintage Leather, Hazelnut

Vintage Leather, Mushroom

Vintage Leather, Oatmeal

Customer Owned Material

Perhaps you have found that perfect fabric—the one that will accentuate other elements in your room. At Salamander, we are all about giving you a choice, which includes letting you supply your own upholstery material for your hand made Seating, if you choose to do so.

What you will need to do:

  1. Send us one 12 x 12 non-returnable sample of each material for testing. Upon approval, we will provide the required yardage/square footage of material to be supplied based on model requirements.
  2. Complete C.O.M. and Request for Quote forms

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Matteo Seating Specifications

Download spec sheet to see full specifications and theater row recommendations

Download assembly manual for this product