April 01, 2014

Going Green in 2014: Solar-Powered Salamander Embraces Renewable Energy and other Initiatives

Entire Connecticut facility now powered by solar energy

Going Green in 2014: Solar-Powered Salamander Embraces Renewable Energy and other Initiatives

Bloomfield, CT April 1st, 2014 - Salamander Designs, Ltd., a leader in premium quality audio/video entertainment furniture, theater/lounge seating and accessories for over 20 years, has announced that the company’s 85,000 square-foot factory in Bloomfield, Connecticut is now powered entirely by a 146,000 kWH rooftop solar panel installation. Officially launched in November, 2013, the solar panel system includes 420 individual photo-voltaic panels, spanning 20,000 square feet of Salamander’s roof. This exciting initiative is part of Salamander’s long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and people through green manufacturing practices. ARTWORK HERE

Being an eco-friendly company is nothing new for Salamander. In fact, we began our environmentally conscious initiative in 2005 when we outfitted our factory with high-efficiency light fixtures and energy saving automatic sensors. These devices served to reduce our daily carbon footprint and total energy usage by 30%. Today, our ultimate vision of ecological responsibility has finally become a reality by turning to solar. Using renewable solar energy to power our facility has enabled us to “go off the grid,” allowing Salamander to become an energy self-sufficient company. You can check out a real-time display of Salamander’s solar energy production HERE.

“Our fervent belief is that we can all be better stewards of the environment,” commented Sal Carrabba, President and Founder of Salamander Designs. “As a responsible manufacturer of consumable goods, leaving the planet and its delicate eco-system as undisturbed as possible is one aspect of what drives us; and preserving the earth for future generations inspires us.”

Other Green Initiatives
Salamander has made a conscious effort to carry the green initiative throughout every aspect of the company’s operations. “We actively pursue sustainable materials, such as woods harvested from managed forestry programs and other goods leveraging a high percentage of recycled content. We also source composite materials that comply with the most rigorous certification standards,” Carrabba stated. "Salamander works closely with key vendors to ensure that our supply chain follows responsible manufacturing practices that will minimize environmental impact where possible. In our factory, we continuously investigate and mitigate any negative environmental impacts from our operations. We use advanced, environmentally friendly finishes and coatings that meet or exceed the most stringent air quality standards. This has resulted in the decreased utilization of known toxic chemicals that compromise indoor air quality and are potentially harmful to human health,” concluded Carrabba. Salamander has been a proud member of the Sustainable Furniture Council since 2009. Learn more about Salamander’s sustainable initiatives HERE.

About Salamander Designs
Salamander Designs, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of premium quality, highly customizable furniture for residential and commercial audio/video integration that complements any space. Heralded for fusing visual design with functional engineering and advanced manufacturing methods, Salamander’s advanced product lines feature a high level of configurability and adaptability that allow users to best meet their present and future needs. Salamander’s A/V furniture lines include the Chameleon Collection, the Archetype System, the Synergy System and theater/lounge seating solutions. Salamander also makes a wide variety of accessory products that complement their A/V furniture. Products are built to order in the USA and quick ship within days.

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