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Mark B, Sept 21, 2018

Enjoying Our Elegant Cabinet
Corinne D, Feb 12, 2018
When my husband and I finally decided to buy a new large screen tv, our biggest concern was not the tv itself but where to put it so that it would not only overwhelm our living room, but also enhance our other furniture. Our first and only choice was to check out Salamander Designs for a stand as we were well aware of their reputation for high end design and quality. After viewing various possibilities online, and with the helpful advice of Salamander customer service, we decided on a beautiful cherry finish Sonoma corner cabinet. We were so delighted to learn that no assembly was required and that the cabinet would be ready for shipment in only three days! As an older couple we were also pleased to note that it could be delivered with "white glove" service and that the shipper would unpack and move it to its new corner. Within a week it arrived beautifully packed, and we now are enjoying our elegant cabinet (with the requisite TV!) Many thanks to Salamander Designs for their superb product and customer service.

Will S, Jan 12, 2017
We purchased a Synergy system along with an ancient LCD TV from a local dealer many years ago. This system has moved with us twice and each time has been commented on by our home buyers.

The quality of your product is only matched,and rarely exceeded, by truley high-end manufacturers. And, we love the ability to restructure the pieces as our new digs require.

Leon speakers could be the next addition; great sound for a reasonable price.

Ordered a Synergy Systems
Jim A, Mar, 2016

I recently ordered a Synergy Systems Model 347 A/V cabinet. I found the unit to be of very high quality, easy to assemble, and very well packaged. I ordered a set of 6 wheels for the cabinet and needed 4 extra screws. I found Customer Service to be very responsive and received the screws in a couple of days. I am a very happy customer. Keep up the good work. Thanks much, Jim

SD customer service exceeded my expectation!
Joe B, Jun, 2015

I had a hardware issue with my media cabinet. SD customer service exceeded my expectations. Responsive, prompt and helpful. They got me fixed up with a solution in short order and I highly recommend their products if you are considering making a purchase of AV furniture.

Synergy 703 Project Completed!
Duane W, Feb, 2015

Salvatore, When my wife and left our California home after many decades to move to a retirement community in Scottsdale, AZ, I brought with me my old stereo equipment: turntable, cassette player, CD player, tuner, and JBL Studio Monitor speakers. My wife outfitted my ‘man cave’ with good Ethan Allen furniture so I started a search for a cabinet for my equipment, but most of the things I saw were cheap or glass/chrome, etc., and not up to the other furnishings. Someone tipped me off that if I wanted top of the line I should check out Salamander Designs, which I did. I found your local dealer, Dedicated Audio here in Scottsdale and called them. A most friendly and competent salesman, Matt Wyatt, took my call and order over the phone. To save shipping expense he thought I’d like to assemble the cabinet. Normally I’d decline but the money made the decision for me. I charged the $1,835 and waited only a couple of weeks before the two boxes arrived, weighing 200+ pounds. I’m ‘retired’ and decided that Matt’s comments of “a couple of hours to assemble” might apply to a more handy, younger man than I … and what the hell, I’m supposed to be retired so I decided to take my time. I did just that! Think two weeks. I was impressed with the quality of the materials and the excellent and clear assembly instructions. I got to the last step and realized I didn’t have the top four bolts to secure the top piece. I called your factory rather than the dealer and talked to Joe. He couldn’t have been nicer and somehow we established that we both had a Syracuse, NY connection. Central New York folks take care of each other! Anyway, Joe said that he’d send the missing bolts via 2nd Day Air. Would you call that SERVICE? Got them and finished the job. I normally wouldn’t take the time to write such a wordy note, but I was impressed with your “Dear Valued Customer” card that came with the bolts. I spent my working life in sales/marketing so I respect good operations when I experience them. You have an excellent distributor in Dedicated Audio and you sound like a helluva executive of a quality company. If you ever get out to Great Scottsdale, give me a call and come by and listen to my stereo while I pour you a glass of wine and thank you and your company in person. Ciao, ~ Duane W.

Great Product and service
Mike M, Feb, 2014

I found salamander through a website search because I could not find suitable av furniture after many visits to stores. Had a small problem with the wrong extrusions on the front side of the piece. Salamander was very responsive and after a few photos sent to them figured out the problem and arranges for a service call to fix. The piece is as sturdy as anything I have ever owned and elegant in its design.

Very happy!
Omar R, Apr, 2013

"I have had this unit for a couple years. It's holding up pretty well, although I feel the door hinges are starting to slightly droop from the weight of the doors, but in no way to the extent that I saw from units of other brands on display at several furniture and big box stereo retailers. You could tell those other brands were going to fall apart after a number of months, especially since they were doing so at the store. This unit/brand is higher quality than any other dedicated a/v furniture I was able to find and see in person. The look and finish is incredible. I doubt you could find anything better unless you went to a high end furniture designer. However, those pieces would not be designed anywhere near as ergonomically. No other comparable a/v furniture is built as well as this is. The wood and metal frame are of high quality and show no signs of ware. I'd recommend the flat panel mounts if you have a large and heavy tv: Salamander CL/PM/B Tilt Wall Mount for 32"" to 61"" Displays for Salamander Triple-Width Audio/Video Cabinets. I actually am planning to buy the mounts now. Otherwise, a standard LCD should actually be fine to place directly on the top w/out issue. I also plan to upgrade to the active cooled rear panels. I've had a receiver, blu-ray, cd, and cable tv box all inside at the same time and actually have been fine w/out any substantial cooling/heat issues, but I plan on putting an external hard drive enclosure along with some other networking gear inside as well, and will now need the extra air movement. I bought mine from a local av equipment boutique/installer and my unit was assembled by them. So, it could be their work, but I hoped the doors would lineup a bit more uniform and flush. At this price (I payed full retail, shipping and tax) I'm going to nitpick everything... that said, the hinges are adjustable and something I have yet to experiment with. The Salamander ir repeater and power strip (panamax) are designed to be mounted on the back of the unit, but I purchased third party units and could still mount them if I wanted to. Nitpicking aside, I, as well as my wife, am very happy with this unit."

Just what I was looking for!
Steve O, Mar, 2013

I had been looking for months for an audio rack for my new gear and wanted to wait till I found the perfect piece. This one holds everything I own, and with the perforated steel door panel, it keeps my system ventilated. I purchased an extended rear panel too, which makes room for a larger component, and the casters I bought make it easy to move. It's functionality and sleek design were just what I was looking for.

No regrets
John C, Feb, 2013

I bought the Synergy 237 with black/aluminum posts from an online vendor. They had the best pricing and my stand was custom ordered with side covers and left and right doors with perforated steel. I opted not to get the center door to allow more air to my A/V Receiver. I also bought Salamander Saturn Wheels to replace the supplied foot level stands. The Synergy 237 require 8 wheels.Before I continue I want to say that I bought this $1200+ TV Stand because of the quality of the parts, looks, shelf adjustability, shelf space, and customization. I was looking at the cheaper stands but the wood was too thin, shelves were in fixed positions, small shelf space, and some didn't have doors and if they did they had poor ventilation and looked ugly. My friends thought I was crazy spending that kind of money on a TV stand and teased me saying "Does it come with a TV at that price?".Shipping took about a week and the stand came in several boxes. 2 of them were very heavy. I installed the Synergy 237 on a weekend and it took me about 3hrs to finish it! That doesn't include installing the back panel to do the wiring. Having the Saturn wheels installed made the rest of the job easier but I did get confused when installing the shelf pegs. I actually thought Salamander forgot to put more pegs but realized I did something wrong in the installation and that fixed my problem. Overall I am very happy with my decision in getting the Synergy 237 with no regrets.

One of the highest quality cabinets I've seen
Mike K, Jan, 2013

We were looking for an enclosed cabinet for our electronics because we have a 9 month old son and we needed to hide components from him. Our house is full of a mahogany/red cherry wood, and I could not find a cabinet that matched those colors. The walnut matches beautifully. The ability to mix and match difference accessories makes this cabinet amazing. The Synergy series are pricey, but thats because its one of the highest quality cabinets i've seen. Its definitely not one of those cheap slap together desk/tables/cabinets you get from Staples, Walmart, or Target. Its solid and heavy and looks great, highly recommended!

Awesome quality A/V furniture!
Robert T, Dec, 2012

All of our a/v furniture is from Salamander. They make awesome quality a/v furniture but they can be on the pricey side but I do believe you're getting what you're paying for. It's well made and it looks great. My wife wanted a distressed black piece like this for the master bedroom and when I found this and showed it to her, we were good to go. I was able to place a 42" plasma on the top shelf with no problems and the cabinets have many options, like active fans for vents and what not.

Exceeded my expectations
Vincent N, Nov, 2012

The Synergy 237 (Black) was delivered in a timely manor and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. the heavy duty build quality and accurate tolerances sets it apart from the more typical A/V solutions. All necessary tools are included for assembly, which should take about two hours. Take the time to carefully follow the enclosed insructions in order to avoid redoing steps. The unit is now housing a 60" Sony SXRD TV, 110 lb. McIntosh amplifier, McIntosh Preamplifier, Toshiba XA2 HDDVD player, Rotel Power Conditioner, Rotel CD player, Cablevision DVR unit, Squeezebox, DAC1 unit and a pinnacle wireless A/V router. When the doors are closed, all one sees is the TV. It is a handome unit that really does its job quite well. My wife, Susan, loves the cabinet, and we both give it our highest recommendation.