Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Salamander products and services. If you have additional questions that have not been covered here, feel free to contact us or check our Resources.

General Salamander Questions

Do you support sustainable manufacturing processes?
Yes. We build for life, not a landfill. All our furniture products are made from sustainable materials that will stand the test of time. Our woods are harvested from managed forestry programs, our composite materials comply with rigorous certification and air quality standards, our furniture frames are made from energy-efficient recycled aluminum. Learn more about our commitment to the environment.
How is Salamander furniture different from other furniture on the market?
At Salamander we make Furniture Shaped by Your Needs. Our highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions are intended to offer a huge number of choices in styles, materials, finishes, and performance options. By integrating such a high level of customization throughout our product line, anyone can become an active participant in creating their own unique furniture designs. Learn more about the Salamander Difference.
Can any model be custom fit to my specifications? Or Can Salamander customize a product to my exact specifications?
Most products do offer customization, it's what makes us unique. There are some limitations to what we can do so you should contact your local dealer or us directly to figure out what we can do for you.
What is the warranty on Salamander products?
We take great pride in the products that we build and stand behind them with best in class warranties. For more detailed warranty information click here.
Where can I purchase Salamander products? Can I order directly from Salamander?
Salamander products can be purchased from an authorized dealer. At a local dealer you will find an array of our products as well as knowledgeable sales staff that can help build the perfect furniture solution. We do not sell direct.
How can I get a copy of your brochure?
You may download a PDF version. Your local dealer should have a copy of our brochure they can give you. If you prefer, we are happy to mail you brochures.
Can I check the status of my order?
You can check the status of your order online, Check Order Status or call 800-535-9910 with your name and order number. Authorized Salamander Dealers can log onto the Dealer Portal for up-to-date order details or contact their local Salamander Representative.
Whom should I contact if I have a problem or question about my Salamander design?
Please contact your Salamander dealer first. If you can't get your issue resolved that way you may contact us directly.
Can I request a finish sample?
Sure. Your local dealer will have finish samples and if you don't have a nearby dealer you can order free samples from us.
Where are your products made?
Our Archetype stands, Synergy System, Chameleon Collection and custom theater seating are hand built in the USA. Our AV Basics are made in Asia.
Can I order replacement hardware?
Almost all hardware is available for replacement. Please contact us to see what is available.
How do I design my own furniture or Seating?
Our “Custom Configurators” allow you to quickly and easily build your own unique pieces of furniture and home entertainment seating. These tools allow you to select the style, the configuration, and the functional features that match exactly with their desired use.

Product Questions

Will the Archetype System posts chip or scratch over time with adjustments?
No, the solid steel threaded posts are powder coated to provide a very durable finish. This is a permanent high quality finish.
What is the interior usable space between the posts of Archetype?
All Archetype units have a usable width of 18.75" between the posts.
How high can I stack Archetype units?
The system maximum overall height should not exceed 64" (A5+A3). However, you may go higher if you brace it against a wall.
Can the Archetype System be used in non-audio applications?
Yes, this is a modular system. This can be used anywhere in your home. The use of optional Bookends and Drawers further enhance the systems capability. Customers use these in many ways such as; bookshelves, end tables/side tables, night stands, computer/printer stands and any other use for open shelving.
What is the Archetype System made of?
Archetype uses Solid Hardwood shelves (black shelves are powder coated MDF) which are supported by full length, solid steel threaded posts (also powder coated). Shelves are fastened with hex nuts and metal washers in a gun metal finish and neoprene gaskets to provide resonance damping.
Can I expand my Archetype System?
Yes, the system is designed for unlimited expandability. You can add additional shelves and stack units together or simply add additional accessories.
Will the hardwood shelves warp over time?
No, these shelves utilize a process called equalization. Equalization requires that panels that make up a shelf are glued together with grains opposing one another to prevent warping.
Can I adjust Archetype shelves to any height?
Yes, Archetype shelves are infinitely adjustable. The threaded rod allows you to adjust your shelf heights from a minimum of 1" to a maximum recommended of 20 inches between shelves.
How does Archetype Construction make my System sound better?
The Archetype System was designed with the Audiophile in mind. In fact, Stereophile Magazine named The Archetype System a "Recommended Component". Metal washers and neoprene gaskets sandwich shelf corners in order to isolate components. The use of dissimilar materials in it's construction further reduces resonant frequencies (different materials have different natural frequencies). MegaSpikes are also available to further mechanically isolate racks from environmental vibrations.
Does the Archetype System have any way to isolate components?
Yes, this system was designed with the Audiophile in mind. Metal washers and neoprene gaskets sandwich shelf corners in order to isolate components. Also available are MegaSpikes to further mechanically isolate racks from environmental vibrations.
Can you cut the threaded support posts to an exact size for me?
Yes, posts can be cut to a custom length. Please contact us for fee and more details.
How does the IR Repeater work?
The permanently attached eye receives the infrared light signal from your components remote. The signal is amplified at the distribution block and then duplicated at the emitters plugged into the distribution block. Your component recognizes the signal as it were directly received from the remote enabling the components to be used in a solid door cabinet.
What is a rack unit space?
A rack unit or U (less commonly RU) is a unit of measure used to describe the height of equipment intended for mounting in a 19-inch rack or a 23-inch rack (The 19-inch or 23-inch dimension refers to the width of the equipment mounting frame in the rack i.e. the width of the equipment that can be mounted inside the rack). One rack unit is 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) high.
Should I place the brakes for my Casters at the front or rear of the cabinet?
It is always a balance of aesthetics and function. Functionally the wheels with brakes are placed on the front location of the unit. This is recommended assuming the brake lever would be difficult to operate with the back of the unit adjacent to a wall.
How does the cooling kit work?
It is thermostatically preset to turn on, speed up, and turn off the fans via the temperature of the remote sensor placed on the component creating the most heat in the cabinet.
Can the extended rears from Synergy System be used on the Chameleon?
Yes, the rears have been redesigned to fit Synergy and Chameleon.
How can I tell if the signal is being transmitted from my remote to the IR repeater?
We always recommend starting with fresh batteries for the best signal strength. But weak IR can be seen with the use of a digital camera view screen.
Could I retrofit my Synergy or Chameleon to accommodate my rack mount gear?
Yes. We have just the rack rails available to order for our Chameleon and Synergy product lines. The Synergy rails come with or without provision for a door.
How do I know the IR repeater is working?
There are two indicator lights on the hub. One light will remain lit when the unit has power and the second will light when a signal is received.
Can the FurnitureMate be used with any manufacturers cabinet.
Yes, as long as you have 2” inches of clearance underneath your cabinet, you will be able to utilize our furniture mate.
Does the active cooling rear panel require any user interaction?
No, once the active cooling rear panel is installed and powered up, the onboard thermostatic controlled unit will start-up and shut sown based on an ambient interior temperature of about 80 degrees.
I am having problems with door alignment on my Chameleon cabinet, what do I do?
The door alignment is set at the factory but shipping can sometimes cause the need for slight adjustments. It is important to be sure all feet are touching the floor properly and the cabinet is leveled. Begin by checking your cabinet for proper level and weight is bearing on all feet. Adjust them for a proper and consistent gap around all edges by using a screw driver on the adjustment screws on the hinge body. (see door instructions for details).
What are the C-frame adjustable shelves?
The C-frame internal aluminum framework has incremental threaded set points to install shelves to fixed heights (approx 1.25", 32mm apart). If your shelf position is critical and one of the predetermined locations does not suffice, you may position the shelf at virtually any position along the vertical frame using the EZ Drop-in fasteners that are included with your cabinet. Using these fasteners the shelves are infinitely adjustable and you may affix the shelf pegs at virtually any position along the T-slot infinate adjustment to shelf height.
Can I hang Salamander cabinets on a wall?
We do offer mounting kits for our Synergy and Chameleon series of A/V furniture. The only exception is that we don't recommend wall mounting for our Barcelona and Corsica cabinets.
Will infrared remote signals pass through the Chameleon doors?
Chameleon Collection cabinet styles that have door frames with Glass or Perforated steel fronts will permit IR to pass. Solid front doors will require the use of the IR bypass option (SD/IR).
Why is my Chameleon triple top sagging in the middle, it is not over the weight load limit?
When setting up the cabinet, before loading, the center foot MUST be touching the floor. Just leveling the outer feet alone will not give the support needed to the center structure of the frame work of the cabinet to stop the top from sagging after equipment is loaded into it.
What can I do about all my wires?
Wires can be easily hidden with the use of the rear panel. The rear panels are removable and allow cables to pass over/under them.
Does the Chameleon cabinet come assembled?
The Chameleon cabinets come mostly assembled. You must assemble the top, interior shelves, and other accessories you ordered.
How thick are the C-frame interior black shelves?
The shelves are 5/8" (16mm) thick and constructed with MDF and finished in black powder coat.
Can the extended rears from Synergy System be used on the Chameleon?
Yes, the rears have been redesigned to fit Synergy and Chameleon.
What is the interior usable space between the posts of a Chameleon cabinet?
All C-frame Quads, triples, twins and singles have a usable width of 19.75" between the posts.
What is the compatibility with iPad models?
The Saddles is designed to fit iPad generation 2 and 3 and compatible with Apple® Smart Covers.
How much space between the back of the shelf and the back panel is there for cables to pass through to the next component on the bottom shelf?
There is approximately 1" of space and an additional 3.5” of space using the extended rear.
How do I adjust my Synergy door alignment?
Begin by checking your cabinet for proper level and weight is bearing on all feet. Adjust them for a proper and consistent gap around all edges by using a screw driver on the adjustment screws on the hinge body. (see door instructions for details).
Can you cut the extruded posts to an exact size for me?
Yes, posts can be cut to a custom length. Please contact us for fee and more details. Keep in mind that cutting the posts will prevent doors and sides from fitting units they were designed to fit.
Will infrared remote signals pass through the Synergy doors?
Yes, both the perforated steel and the frosted glass inserts will permit an IR signal.
What do I use to clean the shelves?
We recommend using "No Wax" dust polish, such as Endust. Apply the polish to a cloth and wipe the shelves down.
What is Synergy made of?
The Synergy Top/Bottom base panels are 1-1/8" thick and consist of real wood veneers over an MDF core with a real wood lumber edge. Doors are Solid Hardwood. These woods are a select grade of American hardwood and finished for durability and low maintenance.
Why is there sometimes color and shade variations in the wood?
Wood being a natural product is prone to different grain patterns which can lead to slight variations in color and shade. We do everything we can to minimize these variations but to do the nature of wood this not completely avoidable.
How does Synergy Construction make my System sound better?
It is constructed of dissimilar materials which reduce transmission of performance robbing resonance. This will provide ample component isolation to enhance the sound quality of the system.
Does the Synergy System come assembled?
The Synergy system is ready to assemble just as you want it. The system is highly flexible, customizable and can be modified easily. We do also offer Factory Assembly for an additional charge.
Synergy Door does not close completely.
In the case a door does not close properly or seems to be partially open, The hinge-side corner post is usually to blame. Check that the post is square to the top and base of the cabinet.
What can I do about all of my wires?
Wires can be easily hidden with the use of the rear panel. The rear panels are removable and allow cables to pass over/under them.
What is the interior usable space between the posts of a Synergy cabinet?
All Synergy Quads, triples, twins and singles have a usable width of 19.75" between the posts.
Do you have fabric care tips?
Fabric Care: Remove ballpoint pen, red wine, mustard, cola, tea, coffee, orange and grape juice using mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. Rub soap foam in circular motion with sponge or soft brush. Pat area dry after cleaning. When completely dry, brush in the direction of the nap.
Can I add power to my existing chairs that are non-powered?
No. Once they come standard-manual, they cannot be upgraded to powered chairs.
Can my powered chair be linked together in order to reduce the number of outlets I will need?
We recommend a small size power strip to connect multiple power chairs. It is also possible to utilize multiple Y-type splitters to connect chairs in series. Please note the specifications of the power components and be cautious not to overload the electrical circuit.
Do you have leather care tips?
We recommend that you look after your chair by not exposing it to direct sunlight or placing it too close to a heat source, such as a radiator, which will cause the leather to dry. To remove any dust and dirt we recommend vacuuming with a soft brush. To remove simple stains (water soluble) use a soft cloth or sponge with a little water. For more professional care and to prolong the life of the leather, we recommend the products from Leather Masters.
What is the difference between an incline and recline mechanisms?
A recline changes the angle of the seat and back allowing you to position your recliner precisely to the position that is most comfortable for you. An incliner, when opened, the footrest extends while the bottom drops down slightly but the seat back does not recline.
There seems to be no power to my chair, what can I check?
Check the wire connections from the motor to the transformer and from the transformer to the wall. All wires should be out of the way of any of the reclining mechanisms to prevent crimping of the wires. Also check to make sure the outlet is getting power by plugging a light or other electrical device into it. Resetting a chair that is stuck in open or closed position is done by simply pushing both the open and close button together and holding for 10 seconds. This will reset the control box. If this doesn't work try unplugging and re-plugging the chair form its power source.
How are the frames constructed?
Our frames are constructed using the latest materials and techniques. The frames are made of laminated kiln dried engineered plywood. All parts are Computer Control cut for precision and consistency. All joints are glued, mortise and tenon type for superior strength and durability. This type of wood frame has proven to be stronger and more resilient than traditional construction methods and materials.
In a row of chairs, can I choose certain chairs to have power mechanisms and/or tactile sound transducers or none?
Yes, you can choose any option of power or sound for any chairs in a row.
If I order add-ons in a few months will the color match?
Generally speaking our color variation from lot-to-lot is minimal. Dye lots will differ somewhat and leather being a natural hide might have a different grain. Exposure to sunlight effects all cover materials and will change the color.
How do I measure the width of a row of chairs?
The best way is to use the Custom Furniture Configurator. This gives you the width of the row measured from base foot to base foot and would also take into account any wedge arms used to connect some of the chairs. Otherwise, you would add up the width of each chair and connecting arms (remember with wedge arms an angle is formed, creating a shorter width). Due to foam and cover material construction, add 1/2" to EACH chair for cushion variation.
My manual release chair doesn't open without help or doesn't close and lock, why?
First verify that the cable is not caught between the arm and the base frame of the seat. Also check to make sure the spring on the release has not come off. If those two things check out then loosen the arm connecting bolts slightly by a quarter to half turn. This should ease the tension of the cable between the release mechanism and frame of the chair.
Can I hang my TV wall mount on steel studs?
We do have a kit available for mounting our flat and tilt mounts directly to a steel stud wall without bolstering the construction of the wall. Unfortunately an articulating mount increases leverage beyond other mounts and requires that the wall is reinforced properly to overcome the leverage and force the mount exerts as the TV is extended away from the wall. The easiest preparation in your application for this mount would be to install a wood stud(for single stud application) or two wood studs (for double stud applications) within the wall at the desired location by a qualified person.