A Seamless Stealthy Solution for Virtually Any Commercial Venue and Decor
A simple installation with no need to open the wall or ceiling to run cables. All supporting components including a speaker system that can be enclosed in the cabinet to provide a beautiful and simple solution.

Designed for EPSON Home Cinema LS100 Laser Projector Model LS100*
* projector not included

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  • Flush top surface, recessed projector cavity design.
  • A simple installation with no need to open the wall or ceiling to run cables
  • Extruded Aluminum Frame creates a strong support skeleton
  • Built-in Louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool
  • Pinch-out Rear Panels permit fast, easy access to components and wiring
  • Wide variety of bolt-on options and accessories: Active Cooling, Designer Footing & more
  • Pull-out interior storage options available
  • Center opening with a removable, grill designed to hide a speaker, 236 models


Available in various colors and finishes with a solid surface, matte black top to suit any commercial venue and decor.


Wood Block


Stiletto Feet, Aluminum or Black

Saturn Wheels, Chrome or Black

Tube Base

Saturn Wheels, Chrome or Black

Lighting System

Vertical Rack

IR Repeater System

Lacing Bars

Vented Face Plate

Vented Shelf

Adjustable Shelves

Pull-Out Storage Tray

Component-Length Rack Rails

Security Lock

3.5" Extension

Active Cooling

Standard Pinch-Out

Power Distribution Unit

Power & USB Ports

Circular Cable Port

Brush Cable Ports

  • Door Lock
  • Locking Rear Panel
  • Invisible Magnetic Door Locks