Congrats to 3-Time Award-Winning Salamander Dealer!

Miestro Home Integration Receives Three Top Honors for Project of the Year for CE Pro’s Mark of Excellence!

Wow! Today we celebrate Miestro Home Integration of Memphis for earning not one, but three separate honors as Runner Up for Project of the Year in CE Pro’s Mark of Excellence Awards in March 2020. 

Using Salamander Sectional Seating, Jump Seats and Cabinets, Miestro set the bar for today’s home entertainment and media rooms while satisfying their customer’s every need.

Miestro’s Winning Solutions Include:

Stunning Media Room Features* Custom Salamander Designs sectional for large groups to enjoy media on large projection screen* Dedicated game center with a pair of Sony 4K displays connected to dueling Xbox units plus a beautiful pair of Salamander Jumpseats.

Dream Listening Room Features* Design that overcame room shape and size challenges to maximize the space, employed Salamander Designs Cabinet as the focal point and hb for storing records, electronics and even instruments! 

Smart Home Features* Control4, SEURA + Coastal Source for gorgeous, stunning exterior, smart security and more.



Salamander Shoutout goes to Miestro – and all our valued Dealer CE Pro Mark of Excellence Winners!

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