Salamander Designs Scores Fifth CE Pro BEST Award


Salamander Designs scored its fifth CE Pro BEST award at CEDIA 2016 for a sleek, functional and AV furniture solution solving Low Profile Cabinet.

The New Low Profile Cabinet with its narrow depth, sleek design, storage capabilities and assortment of finishes delivers innovative residential solutions. As mentioned in our prior blog, Thinking Big at CEDIA 2016 (those who can anticipate the solutions and be ready with products will be the first reap the rewards of new opportunities.

Salamander looks toward AV furniture solutions and implements them according to your needs. We are cognizant of the trends of downsizing, residential city/urban space restrictions and historic building walls. We understand the importance of maintaining wall integrity and the realities of TV large screen weight concerns. As a response to these trends and concerns, Salamander Designs created the low profile cabinet.

 The cabinet’s 12-inch depth, sleek design, storage and easy installation solutions, also caught the attention of CE Pro and Innovation & Technology Magazine editors, resulting in two awards at last month’s conference.

The problems that this cabinet addresses are summarized below:

Limited room space
 The depth is 12 inches, providing more room space and a sleeker design.
Overheating of AV components
Heat sensor fans can be installed in the cabinet base providing intake up and out the top of the door panel, or up the screen mount as a chimney.
Flat panel screen requires wall mount with Questioning wall durability/adaptability (brick/historic plaster)or wall stability
Our integrated mounts for flat panel screens support the weight of the screen on the cabinet eliminating the need to penetrate wall integrity. Only 2 toggles bolts are required for panel tipping safety.
Insufficient space to install an audio receiver cable box or gaming station
Vertical 3-U rack allows equipment to be mounted and hung in any bay.
Design/door panels not coordinated with the over all room decor
The styles come in 6 different door panels.
Variable installations costs
Easy installation, eliminates the need to use, electricians, or other contractors.
Let Salamander be your “go to” for innovative AV furniture solutions. Contact us for more information.

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