Salamander By the Numbers: 80 Durometer

Archetype neoprene gasketsThe neoprene gaskets we use in our Archetype audio and amplifier stands are 80 durometer hardness. Neoprene, a man-made rubber, is available in soft to firm hardness. We tested several varieties to find the perfect balance of structural strength and vibration damping, because we’re as obsessed with audio as the most ardent audiophiles are. And that obsession drives us to design and build the best AV furniture available…stylish furniture  engineered to enhance the performance of your electronics.

Audiophiles will love Archetype, an innovative, infinitely adjustable modular shelving system that’s available in three attractive hardwoods (Cherry, Maple, Walnut) or Matte Black Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panel.

  • Enhances sonic performance by isolating A/V components from vibration
  • Flexibility of infinite vertical adjustment
  • Open architecture means superior component venting and simple cable management
  • Modular, stackable concept allows easy adjustment and retrofitting as needs change
  • Accessories provide additional storage options and functionality

Salamander Archetype shelving system

Built in the USA, quick-ships from our Connecticut factory with a lifetime warranty. Learn more about Archetype here. Locate a Salamander dealer near you here.

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