Power Conditioner Kit

AV Cabinet Accessory

Delivers better picture and sound by filtering AC current and smoothing variations that can diminish both picture quality and sonic fidelity. It also protects against surges.

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Assembly & Care

Engineered to Perform

  • Power conditioner connects to the aluminum frame slot and may be mounted to interior or rear of cabinet.
  • Includes 8 AC Outlets, 2 CATV connectors, 2 pair of satellite connectors, in/out telco connectors with phone line splitter, 8' power cord, accepts add-on signal line modules.
  • 1650 Joules single pulse energy dissipation
  • Bracket measures: 12"W x 5"H x .125"TH
  • Kit includes Mounting Bracket for Chameleon and Synergy cabinets.
Lifetime Warranty



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Product Assembly

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