Throughout our history, Salamander has been committed to building as many of our products as possible in the USA. Even in today’s “outsourcing” world, we still build to order all but a tiny fraction of our AV cabinets and entertainment seating right here in our Corporate facility.

Not to get on a soap box but…we see it as an Economic Ecosystem. The worker is also the consumer that drives our economy. A stronger workforce means a healthier economy and ultimately a greater society. The trickle down effect is purely inspiring to us. We do our best to support our fellow American manufacturers and find great benefits in sourcing components domestically, as our suppliers can react quickly and quality standards are well understood. We believe that supporting domestic work helps to create a virtuous cycle.

The American-Made Advantage

Salamander is dedicated to maximizing the inherent value and benefits of domestic manufacturing. Our flexible, lean manufacturing methods and an experienced workforce provides unique advantages in customization, quality and speed.

Build to Order

We build-to-order most of our products as our customers order them. Products are bench-made by an experienced workforce within days. Lean manufacturing principles and our highly skilled and flexible team help us to focus on quality, efficiency and repeatability.

Our Suppliers

We have long term relationships with several small family owned suppliers as well as world class manufacturing specialists. We seek suppliers that share our values. We try our best to Keep it Made in USA.