Why Was the Company Started?

Originally Salamander grew out of an idea developed by Salvatore Carrabba in the early 1990s. During a search for furniture to support and display his home entertainment components, Sal discovered there was nothing in the marketplace that met his requirements. He was hoping to find furniture of good quality that could be configured to meet his current needs, but flexible enough to accommodate his entertainment system as it changed over time.

Sal decided to apply his background in sculpture and design to create some furniture on his own, and the Archetype System of shelving was born. The positive response to his designs from family and friends convinced him that others might be interested in his designs as well. So, in 1992 Sal founded Salamander Designs, Ltd. Since then it has become a leader in the consumer electronics furniture marketplace, offering advance flexible solutions for audio and video enthusiasts.


The ipad has become an essential part of life and a popular control device for today’s electronics.

The Saddle

Fashionable and highly functional this ipad holder merges the beloved beanbag from the sixties with the hottest technology of today. As functional as it is simple and beautiful, the Saddle is a handmade, soft leather beanbag which securely holds your tablet in any position. It’s convenient mounting interface doubles as a protective shell when detached from the base.

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As “convergence” of our electronic life continues, we are seeing the “dedicated Home Theater” being replaced by the new Family room. It is the combination of the Media room and Living room.

Olivia Modular Seating

Olivia is a new Home Entertainment Seating concept that combines the key elements of Theater seating with the form and comfort of a family sectional. Like most Salamander products, Olivia offers complete Design-your-own flexibility, hand-built as you like.

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AV Basics are designed to appeal to the ever growing number of large TV owners who seek simple furniture solution that meets their needs.

AV Basics

For AV Basics we defined a line that combines popular styles with features we know will enhance the performance of most audio/video systems. AV Basics is for people who are looking for simplicity and value, but who still want the kind of quality, style and performance that will enhance their AV experience.

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As we move towards the Jetson age, we are all seeking smaller, lighter and more integrated solutions in our life.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

Finally in 2010 we introduced a new way of presenting the Chameleon line. Using a unique mounting system, any of the Chameleon products can be mounted on a wall to create the illusion it is floating above the floor. The installation is incredibly simple yet the effect is quite dramatic.

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The development of low cost LED lighting technology allows us to bring lighting to new applications. Our lighting system has practical uses and also enhances the furniture and electronics as well.

Accent Lighting

Also introduced in 2010, our award-winning Lighting System is remote controlled and expandable, and uses an LED lighting bar to highlight the inside or underside of cabinets. This unique lighting system can also be used to create lighting effects by back lighting TVs.

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Smart Homes and Whole House Systems are flourishing. Typically these electronic systems are installed into Industry-standard, compliant racks. At the time, the options are very limited in style and expandability options.

Pro-Audio Rack Mounting

In 2010 we launched three new concepts: Pro Audio Rack Mounting capability for both our Synergy System and our Chameleon Collection. Professional Integrators can now offer the best choice to meet the technical and aesthetic requirements for the installation. This means for the first time someone will be able to own a rack mounting system that looks like furniture.

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Flat Panel TV’s everywhere from home theaters to kitchens and they are bigger and lighter than ever.

TV Mounting Solutions

In 2008 we introduced a full range of television mounts; from flat on the wall, to fully articulating. The types include wall mounted, ceiling mounted, manual and remote control-motorized. Also in 2008 came yet another first: the Furniture Mate™, a universal free-standing, floor mount for flat panel TVs that allows a TV to be positioned above any of our cabinets.

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The Gaming industry is exploding as wii and playstation bring friends and family together…and there is never enough room to sit.

JumpSeat Ottoman

And then there is our unique collapsible “Jumpseat Ottoman” an innovation we introduced in 2008. One minute it’s an ottoman, but in an instant it can be transformed into a remarkably comfortable, fully cushioned seat. It’s perfect for use where space is at a premium.

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Many of the new electronic devices such as Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) and other “always-on” components generate considerable heat. Passive venting of cabinets wasn’t enough to dissipate the extra heat.

Active Cooling

We introduce a new cabinet accessory that solves this problem. Our Active Cooling system provides automatic, thermostatically controlled cooling to improve the performance and prolong the life of electronics. Problem solved.

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On the rise...Home Theaters, Media Rooms, Great Rooms, and Family Rooms. Salamander offers more choice for any décor.

Chameleon Collection™

In 2006 we brought out another major new product line: the Chameleon Collection. It introduced decorator style cabinetry to the high-performance A/V world. In this case, people can pick their configuration, pick their style, and pick their functional and decorative accessories. Each piece in this premium furniture line is built on the C-Frame, a unique and highly flexible aluminum chassis.


One thing about every home theater, there is always a remote or 2 (dozen). In order to develop cabinet styles with solid front doors we first needed to solve the technology problem.

IR Repeater Solution, Infrared Bypass for Solid Doors

Along with the Chameleon line, we also introduced a remote control accessory that allows an infrared beam to bypass any type of door and still manage the electronic functions within the cabinet.

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We are enjoying the home theater experience with friend and family. Seating became a logical extension for our company, one that allowed us to expand our solutions for high, quality, customizable furniture.

Home Entertainment Seating

2004 was the year we entered the Home Entertainment Seating arena with a line that lets everyone complete the home Entertainment experience. Like our other products, our premium entertainment seating features the highest quality construction and attention to detail for maximum performance and durability.

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The introduction of the first flat panel plasma televisions provided an opportunity to integrate the technology with the furniture in a new way. Soon after on-wall, low profile speaker enhance the surround sound experience.

TV Mounting that Integrates with Cabinet

During the next year we introduced another first, a TV mounting system that could integrate with any Synergy cabinet. This was followed by another first: a TV mounting system that allows integration of left, right or center channel speakers and cables on a common mount.

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We knew that we had a very flexible furniture system and needed a simple tool that would allow customers to visualize their own creation. The birth of the Internet allowed us to build one of the very first online Configurators.

The Custom Configurator

In the late ‘90s we came up with “The Custom Configurator™,” a very clever product selection tool that is featured on our website. It introduced the concept of “Design Your Own” which lets everyone build their own unique piece of furniture by selecting the style, the configuration, and the functional features that match exactly with their desired use.

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Here comes Home Theater. Around this time television technology was exploding with the first large screen TV’s.The improvements in Video and the explosion of digital surround sound expanded the audience for our products.

Synergy System™

In 1998 we developed a real breakthrough: our award-winning Synergy System™. It was the first of its kind; a fully modular furniture system that took the concept of customization to a whole new level. The patented Synergy Frame design permits a virtually limitless number of customization possibilities, so anyone can create something that is uniquely their own.

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2-channel, left and right sound systems comprised of separate components. In those days the list of components was long, including Tape Decks, CD Players, Turntables, Tuners, Amps, Preamps, Equalizers, and more.

Archetype System™

It all began in 1992 with a unique furniture line: our Archetype System™; a modular shelving system for audio/video equipment that is infinitely adjustable, and highly flexible. It was a hit and Salamander continues became known for Customizable furniture ou combination of high quality materials, functionality and customization laid the groundwork for future design features.

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