Synergy System


The most popular Synergy configurations pre-packaged with all you need to create a high-performance cabinet. Simply add your accessories to personalize your own.


If you want to build you own, give our Configurator a try.



Modular Design

Synergy is all about configurability. It is a fully modular furniture system that takes the concept of customization to a whole new level. Synergy allows you to define a highly personalized piece of furniture that can handle any combination of electronic gear you come up with.


Engineered to Perform

At the heart of the Synergy System is a unique square shaped extruded aluminum support post. This patented S-Frame design permits a virtually limitless number of custom possibilities. The posts are used simultaneously as an external cabinet skeleton for supporting top, bottom, side and back panels, and as an internal skeleton for supporting shelves and drawers.


  • Create your own design using modular Core and Extension Modules that can be enclosed with doors, sides and drawers
  • Many accessories are available allowing for great design flexibility

Lifetime Warranty

Customized Interiors

A place for everything and everything in its place...

Cabinet tops and bases are available with three genuine hardwood surfaces-Cherry, Maple and Walnut as well as basic Black. Side panels come in matching hardwood, black, perforated steel or with a suede-like fabric covering. Corner posts are matte black or silver anodized aluminium.

    • Woods:
    • Cherry, Maple, Walnut & Black

    • Doors:
    • Wood Frames with Black Perforated Steel or Frosted Glass inserts

    • Aluminum Posts:
    • Silver, Black Anodized

    • Side Panels:
    • Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Black, Black Perforated Steel & Tan Suede

Wood Finishes

    • Natural Maple
    • Dark Cherry
    • Dark Walnut
    • Black

Aluminum Post Finishes

    • Silver
    • Black

Side Panels

    • Natural Maple
    • Dark Cherry
    • Dark Walnut
    • Black, Perforated Steel
    • Black

    • Tan Suede


    • Natural Maple Frame with Frosted Glass
    • Natural Maple Frame with Black, Pertorated Steel
    • Dark Cherry Frame with Frosted Glass
    • Dark Cherry Frame with Black Perforated Steel
    • Dark Walnut Frame with Frosted Glass

    • Dark Walnut Frame with Black, Perforated Steel
    • Black Frame with Frosted Glass
    • Black Frame with Black, Perforated Steel