AV Cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Furniture systems for home theaters, entertainment centers, audio systems and other AV and organizational uses that take customization to a whole new level. A virtually limitless number of configurations and an extensive range of accessories allow you to create a highly personalized piece of furniture.

AV Basics

Refined practicality is the best way to describe our line of stylish, high-quality AV Basics cabinets. This value-packed collection is solidly-built with quality construction and designed with functional features we know will enhance the performance of most audio/video systems.


What does selecting a cabinet have to do with your design style? Everything! That’s why we offer a variety of cabinet styles that will help you to accentuate and define your space. 




Contemporary Style is all about simple sophistication with an urban edge. 






Transitional Style blends traditional and contemporary styles and finds that perfect middle ground. 







Traditional Style is timeless and romantic. It’s all about bringing a bit of the past to life, while meeting the needs of today's lifestyle. 



The size and shape of your AV furniture is dependent on many factors. How many components? Do you plan to integrate speakers or support a TV? Do you want the equipment visible or hidden? Where will you store media and personal electronics? What space is available in the room?  Understanding these requirements will guide the cabinet selection process.


Advanced Performance


All of our advanced accessories have been designed to enhance the functional or aesthetic aspects of our furniture systems. Each one has been built to our exacting standards for quality, reliability and durability, so they will provide years of trouble free operation.